I have never posted a review of any product before, but I enjoyed DeJánees All Purpose Sauce so much that I felt
compelled to do so now. First off, I have one criticism, calling this a “BBQ” sauce is doing a great disservice to its versatility, while yes I agree that it works great as a BBQ sauce it is so much more than that. I first tried the sauce by basting it on some chicken while grilling; I had heard so many positive things about the sauce from a friend that I couldn’t waste any time marinating anything in it. The chicken tasted incredible right off the grill, but got better when I dipped the chicken in some of the reserved sauce. I was pleasantly surprised by the difference in the flavor between the sauce cooked with the meat and the sauce straight out of the bottle; even more surprising was how wonderful both flavors were. The best part of my whole experience with DeJ├ínees All Purpose Sauce was that it was such a hit that I was able to share it with all of my family and friends, even those who usually don’t like BBQ sauce. My children were even dipping french fries in it before the day was through.I think the best way to describe this sauce is that it is way more than a “BBQ” sauce; I think that it can be to Americans what HP sauce is to the British, the go to condiment in almost any situation.

Tim (Staten Island, NY)